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Hard Cover Table Top Edition - 15 1/2 Inches by 11 Inches

The African-American Historical News Journal is a compilation of newspaper articles and firsthand accounts of our nation's history. A great deal of credit, along with our admiration, goes to Mr. Henry Hampton and to Mr. Ben Wilson.

Mr. Hampton spent countless hours over many years assembling some of the materials that have gone into this publication. Although he passed in 1998, his legacy remains an important part of today's history through his documentary work and contributions to preserving African-American History. Mr. Ben Wilson, who befriended Mr. Hampton and helped preserve some of the materials Mr. Hampton collected, is a man steadfast in his efforts to promote the understanding of Black History. It is out of respect to these gentlemen that we dedicate the first edition of the African-American Historical News Journal.

Black History is American History. Blacks played an undeniably important role in shaping the way America is today, from unselfish acts of military bravery when the nation was young to today's soldiers. Black Americans have a long history of service to our country. Black inventors began designing products and machinery in the 1700s that make all of our lives easier still today. Black Americans led the protest marches for equal rights -- marches that brought not only African-American issues to light but also equal rights under the law for all Americans.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles and accounts.
African-American history is truly American History.